These are long day flowers characterized by their berries. They are of different colours and are becoming increasingly popular in flower arrangements. They are mostly used as fillers. We grow the Magical range of Hypericum which is bred by Kolster BV in conjunction with Frore Breed BV in the Netherlands. These varieties have been tried and selected at Rimi Flora farm for production in the tropics with emphasis on rust resistance, productivity, less lighting requirement and big berries with pleasant colours that appeal to customers. Currently available in production are four varieties which are doing very well in the market;

  • Magical Triumph – This is a variety with red big berries and deep green leaves. At Rimi Flora this variety has a uniquely deep red colour that is very shinny.
  • Magical Seasons – This variety has huge brown/maroon berries that are striking to look at.
  • Magical Green Power – This is a green variety which does very well in flower arrangements.
  • Magical Pumpkin – This variety has a blend of both orange and pink colour which makes it unique. Flowers produced at Rimi Flora appear look like they are transparent when viewed under direct sunlight.