Who are we?

At the heart of Kihingo, Nakuru county, lies a vibrant flower farm, RIMI FLORA. It looks like an ancient portrait from a far with an organized mixture of big red, green, chocolate and orange berries, floating in a river of green leaves. At another section lies millions of the most beautiful tiny pink petals of gypsophila. It is a sight to adore and everyone can have a part of that by putting our cut flowers in their living rooms’ vase. Yes, we sell our cut flowers.

The varieties we deal with are:

  • Hypericum, the magical range which includes, magical seasons (brown colour), magical green (green colour), magical pumpkin (orange colour) and magical triump (red colour)
  • Gypsophilla – My Pink

How we do it

We endeavour to produce the highest possible quality of cut flowers which is aided by the high altitude on which our farm lies on, 2300 meters above sea level. Our hypericum flowers are characterized by big berries with rich colours that are glossy and pleasant to look at, while their leaves are large and deep green. Our Gypsophila flowers are so healthy that they look like tiny pink stars on the farm. It is no question why our customers keep coming back for more.

You may ask, how do we achieve that? It is very simple; we have invested a lot of resources in monitoring pests and diseases and in controlling them using the integrated methods while taking great care of both the environment together with our most personnel. We are all about ethical and responsible ways of operation.

Rimi Flora Foundation

Rimi Flora Limited supports the local community through the provision of clean drinking water free of charge. This removes a big financial burden from families who have either to boil water to get rid of germs or travel far to fetch clean water. By drinking clean water our neighbours are bound to experience reduced infections with water bone diseases. It is also our policy to employ locals with an aim of facilitating the regional development. On a wider scope, we have taken an initiative to support education through the Rimi Flora Foundation. Our goal is to keep the less fortunate children in schools by providing them with basic needs such as food. Our government has gone a long way to provide free education and, as long as a child is assured of food in school, they will definitely attend school.